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Soulmates and Sugar Cookies Part 1/?

Title: Soulmates and Sugar Cookies
Summary: Dean Schweers is a lonely bakery owner with a painful past. When Sam Wilkins walks through his door, Dean immediately falls for him. When Sam askes him out, He couldn't be happier. But then, painful memories resurface and threaten their relationship. Will things work out in the end?
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: 1/?
Characters: Sam, Dean, OFC, OMC
Pairing: Sam/Dean

Soul Mates and Sugar Cookies

Dean Schweers was baking the last batch of muffins he thought he’d need for breakfast. The shop smelled like fresh baked goods and vanilla lattés. He looked around and sighed. His dream was a reality now. He owned a small bakery/deli called The Magic of Food in downtown Kansas City, Iowa. His two best friends, Matt and Kelly, worked in the shop and were starting breakfast sandwiches. The bell on the door rang and a tall man walked in. Dean and the stranger locked eyes for a moment until Dean blushed and looked away. The man had nice eyes.

“Hello, sir. What can I get you this morning?” Dean asked.

“Can I get a coffee and two strawberry muffins?” The man asked.

“Absolutely. That’ll be $4.50.”

Dean put two muffins in a bag and poured the coffee. He put it on the counter and the man paid. Dean smiled.

“Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll consider coming by again.” Dean said.

“Count on it. This is a nice place.” The man said.


“No problem. See you around sometime.”

“Yeah. You, too.”

The man smiled as he left and Dean blushed a deep scarlet. Dean couldn’t wait to see the man again.


Sam Wilkins walked into his office with a grin as big as Texas. Something about the man at the small business put him in a sunny mood. He was always grouchy and easily put into a bad mood. But it warmed his heart to walk into a place that had such a warm, open feeling to it and talk to someone who was nice and normal. He was tired of girls and their drama and bitchy behavior. He couldn’t shake the memory of the man at the bakery, so he wrote a note on a legal pad.

Ask cute guy from bakery on a date.

There was a knock on his door around noon.

“It’s open!” Sam called.

A petite blonde woman walked in and smiled.

“Hi, Sam!” She greeted.

“Hey Mikayla. What’s up?” Sam asked.

“Nothing. Tom, Jake, Sarah, and I are going to get lunch at Saltgrass. You wanna come with?”

“No thanks. I’m going to get lunch from a little deli-bakery downtown.”

“Which one?”

“The Magic of Food. Their food is fantastic.”

“Oh. Well, if you change your mind, offer’s open.”

“Thanks, Mikayla.”

Mikayla left and smiled. She wondered why Sam was in such a good mood today. Her smile got brighter as she thought of Sam.

‘Maybe Sam finally realized I’ve been flirting with him. Maybe he’ll ask me out.  I just love him so much.’ She thought.

Sam got up and locked up his office. He wanted to get to the bakery quickly before he lost his newly acquired courage. He walked out and went to his car. He wondered what the man’s name was. He pulled out of the parking lot and smiled.


Dean was serving a customer when Sam walked in. Dean handed the man a bag and smiled.

“Have a good day, sir.” Dean said cheerfully.

The man smiled and Sam walked up to the counter. Dean smile got bigger.

“Back again, are we?” Dean asked.

“I just can’t seem to stay away.” Sam replied cheekily.

“I’m glad. What can I get you?”

“Half a steak and cheese sandwich with a cup of cheddar-bacon soup and your phone number.”

“Sure thing. Coming right- Did you say my number?”

“Yeah. I know I don’t know you too well, but I wanted to ask you to dinner on Friday.”

“Oh, well- sure. I’d love to go out with you.”

“Great! So, here’s my number, and I’ll text you around seven, okay?”

“Sounds good. Here is mine. Oh, I’m Dean Schweers, by the way.”

“Sam Wilkins. Good to meet you, Dean.”

“You too, Sam.”

They shook hands and laughed. He made the sandwich and poured the soup. He bagged it up.

“Would you like a drink?” Dean asked.

“Water, please.” Sam said.

Dean added a bottle of water and Sam paid him happily.

“Thanks. Have a nice day.” Dean said.

“I will. Especially now that I’ve seen you again.” Sam said smoothly.

Dean blushed as Sam walked away. Kelly ran out and grabbed Dean by the shoulders. Dean jumped.

“What was that?!” Kelly asked excitedly.

“What was what?” Dean replied, playing dumb.

“You and that guy! You were totally hitting it off!”

“He asked me to dinner. I said yes, but-“

“But nothing! You deserve to go out with him! You haven’t had a date since you were sixteen!”

“Yeah, I know, but Dad and-“

“Your bastard father is gone, Dean. He doesn’t control you anymore. He can’t hurt you anymore. You have a thing for this guy, and he obviously has the hots for you.”

“Maybe you’re right. Would you mind closing up shop on Friday?”

“Absolutely. I’ll close every Friday if it means you’ll get over your past.”

“Thanks, Kelly.”

“Oh, I’m gonna go tell Matt!”

Dean just laughed and turned to take the next order.


Sam sat in his office, his mind far away. He was thinking about the unusual confidence and relaxation he had when he asked Dean out. He had been smooth and cool. He’d never been so sure about asking someone out. There was just something about Dean that Sam found magical. A knock on the door stirred Sam out of his thoughts.

“It’s open!” Sam called.

“Hey, Sam. Why didn’t you come to lunch?” Jake asked.

“Sorry.  I went to lunch somewhere else.”

“Who is it?”


“You didn’t just go to get lunch. Who is it?”

“Oh, no one. Just a guy.”

“What’s his name?”


“Hmmm. When are you going out?”

“Friday, okay? I asked him to dinner, we exchanged numbers, and I got lunch.”

“Ooooo, Sammy’s got a crush.”

“So maybe I do. Go call the papers.”

“It’s a good thing Sam. You haven’t gone out on a date in over two years. Maybe it’s a sign. That he’s your soul mate.”

“Maybe. He’s so different. He’s bright and cheerful, but there’s something that lies beneath his pretty face and shining personality. Something bad. Which just makes him more beautiful.”

“He sounds great. Maybe I’ll get to meet him soon.”


Jake smiled as he walked out. He pulled out his Blackberry and shot a text to Tim.

‘Sam’s got a date on Friday!’


Dean sat alone in his kitchen, tying on his favorite apron. He was ready to try a new casserole recipe for the special tomorrow. He was eagerly awaiting Sam’s text. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sam. He was sweet and kind, and something about him was just so…unusual. He heard his phone ring and picked it up. When he answered, the voice he heard wasn’t Sam’s.

“Hey, De. You miss me?” The voice asked.

“Gabriel, leave me alone! You shouldn’t be calling me! I have a restraining order!” Dean exclaimed, his voice panicked.

“Oh, Dean, Dean, Dean.  Let’s just say I got off early for good behavior.”

“That-That’s impossible! You obsessed freak! Was it not enough what you did to me in high school? How you humiliated me? How you lied and only got a year in prison?”

“Too bad.  I love you, De. I’ll be seeing you.”

Dean heard the phone cut off and he started to cry. This couldn’t be happening. Not to him, not again. The restraining order was still in place.

“Shit.” Dean whispered.


Sam started to text Dean at seven. He had a feeling in the pit of his stomach that Dean wasn’t having a good time.

Sam: Hey, Dean.

Sam waited. His phone buzzed.

Dean: Hey, Sam.

Sam: What’s up?

Dean: Trying out a new recipe.

Sam: Neat. So, Dean, I needed to talk to you about Fri. Can I call u?

Dean: Yeah. TTYS.

Sam dialed Dean’s number. He waited for Dean to pick up.

“Hello?” Dean asked.

“Hey, Dean. What’s wrong?” Sam asked.

“Nothing. So, you wanted to talk about Friday?”

“Yeah. I wanted to know where you’d like to go. Or, what kind of food you like.”


“Yeah. Do you like Italian? Or Chinese? Anything’s fine with me.”

“Well, um, I really like Chinese-“

“Great! I know this awesome little Chinese place we can go to. I’ll pick you up about seven-thirty, if that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah, that sounds fine. Hey, Sam, I just want to know…Why did you ask me out?”

“Because you seemed nice and I must admit you are very good looking. And, I can’t skip out on a once in a lifetime chance, can I?”

“I guess not. Hey, uhm, do you like cheesecake?”

“Yeah, absolutely, why?”

“Do you want to…maybe…meet me at Vinnie’s in an hour for some coffee and cheesecake? I’ll buy, promise, I just want to talk to someone-“

“No, that’s perfect! I’ll meet you there at eight. We can talk.”

“Okay, Sam. And thanks.”

“No problem.”

Dean hung up and slid down the wall. After everything, he was letting Sam just worm his way into his heart. Dean snorted. His life was really messed up. If him and Sam worked out, maybe his past could be dimmed. Or maybe it’d just fuck up everything.

He wouldn’t know until they actually got to know each other.